Buy Mining Device in India


Buy Mining Device in India


Buy Mining Device in India



Team Xfinity developers came up with a product like no other there are several other companies in the market that offer similar services but none as simple as this one. The team started with the development off one product but after testing and seeing the market added another 2 so total three products for sale with rewards SILVER/ GOLD/ PLATINUM.

What exactly is it well here we reveal the revolution MINI MINING BOX for any blockchain coin to be functional it needs to be first mined that is the backbone off a coin so that’s where we have started the XXV Token will first do Staking for all our community members joining up and rewarding them all they have to do is buy one off our MINNING Boxes and reap the rewards with a bonus all purchasers will receive 50% off the fiat money they pay in token form from day one along with their daily earnings. Most machines out there which we call mining boxes are bulky require a lot off electricity and make a lot of noise therefore are not practical unless set up in mining farms.

Value /Revenue generated for the customers:

Once the coin is launched & trading opens users can exchange the coin & trade against all leading currencies USDT/ BTC/ ETHERIUM with the XXV coin.

The pay out for our community members as follows:

✤ Silver box $45 per month.
✤ Gold box $120 per month.
✤ Platinum box $180 per month created to the wallet per month in form of token.

End of the year:

All tokens will be credited as XXV coin & will be listed on our trading platform.

Overall benefits:

The pre-sale opening price off the token will be 0.10 cents with increments off 5 cents per month till fully diluted and listed we envisage 0.70 cents (A ROI OF 120% OF THE INVESTNENT).

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